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How Well Packaged Are Your Decorations?

Posted January 20 2012 in General Storage

Year after year many people across the UK make resolutions to keep an organised, clean and tidy house which is usually started off by putting all the Christmas decorations away, after twelfth night.  Early December is full of hype and excitement as the boxes are ripped open by young children eager to decorate the tree – one of the 34-36 million trees produced for this time of year.  However, when the festivities are over the required repacking of ornamental Santa and reindeer figurines never has the same appeal and sense of enjoyment. 

Careful Packing & Storage

Eventually, the clutter takes its toll: it is agreed that the time has come to sort and organise it all, before putting it into storage until the following year.  After sorting the adornments into their different categories, they are then carefully layered into boxes using bubblewrap and labelled clearly so that the following year the merry month can take off with no added and unnecessary stress.

Some people will buy new decorations every year while others will only add one or two new items to their collections, and some will put up the same ones year after year.  Given the fact Christmas is generally associated with spending time with close friends and family, significant sentimental value can be placed on Christmas decorations.  Making sure each item is packaged safely to ensure it remains in pristine condition doesn’t need to be a daunting task.

  • Use bubblewrap to wrap each item: many Christmas decorations are made of glass so avoid using paper as this might cause scratches
  • As mentioned earlier, label your boxes and layer the items: use bubblewrap between each layer
  • Fill any voids within the box with scrunched up bubblewrap to prevent items moving while you get the box to your storage room
  • Use a 30cm by 15cm strip of cardboard to wrap your lights round and keep tangle-free: you will fully appreciate this particular task in approx 10 months!

So, if you have thrown your decorations haphazardly into a box go and sort it out! You can purchase packaging supplies from your local self storage operator, even if you don’t actually use self storage.  Quality boxes can make a world of difference to the finished task, and remember you can never have enough bubblewrap to keep your precious items safe.  If you follow the simple steps and take a little time to package your decorations properly, you can have peace of mind knowing they will be immaculate when it’s time to add some festive cheer to your home again.

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